Recommended Reading

Available below are copies of articles and other information that may be helpful for those interested in land and timber.  

1. Let us sell your land FREE ... 16-Feb-07
We have buyers who are willing to pay our commission. Just send us details on your land and we'll see if we can match you up with a buyer. No charge or obligation!

2. A summary presentation based on the USFS article on timber markets 25-Jun-06
If you are a visual person with little time to read, this presentation in .pdf format gives an excellent summary of the following article by the Southern Research Station.

3. Why pulpwood prices have declined & future price predictions 25-Jun-06
The full name of this article is "The US South's Timber Sector in 2005: A prospective analysis of recent change," published by the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station. It provides data from

4. Strategic Factors Driving Timberland Ownership Changes in the U.S. South 25-Jun-06
An excellent article explaining the reasons timber companies have been liquidating their timberland holdings.

5. What is my timber worth, and how do I sell it? 19-Mar-04
One of the best short articles we have seen on these topics. Excellent advice for landowners.

6. Suggestions for dealing with undivided interest ownerships 03-Mar-03
This brief article summarizes the recommendations from a discussion group on dissolving undivided interests.

7. The best timber sale methods for landowners 13-May-02
Understanding your timber: The key to getting the best price

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