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PLEASE NOTE a change in the phone number of the Urania office. The new number is (318) 827-5748.

ForestLand Associates, LLC assists private landowners in all aspects of timberland and wildlife habitat management.  Whether you wish to maximize timber income, create a haven for wildlife, sell your rural real estate, or purchase that special property, we can provide consultation and services to help achieve your goals. 
In addition to our timber management and sealed-bid marketing services, a significant portion of our work involves the appraisal of timber and opinions of value of land.  Most of these appraisals are done on pipeline or highway rights-of-way or for timber companies, estates and individuals who need to know the value of land and/or standing timber.  We also appraise timber damages that are due to trespass, expropriation or other causes.  Having first-hand experience with sealed-bid sales of land and timber lends credibility to our appraisals.

We recommend that landowners, appraisers and others seeking help with land and forestry projects use honest professionals who specialize in the types of properties or transactions in which they are involved.  To help locate the right person or firm to meet your needs, we recommend (and are members of) the Association of Consulting Foresters and the Society of American Foresters.  Members must follow a strong code of ethics and are required to prove they have the experience and proficiency to successfully represent their clients' best interest.  It has been proven that using a professional doesn't cost, it pays!


"The forestry division of ForestLand Associates, LLC has an office in Urania, Louisiana and the real estate brokerage (licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission, USA) is located in Dry Prong, Louisiana."

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Contact Information:
Kevin Daugherty
Land & Timber Specialist
P. O. Box 382
Urania, Louisiana 71480
Phone: (318) 495-5188
E-mail: kevin@forestland.com
Glen Stephens
Land Broker
161 Robin Hood Road
Dry Prong, Louisiana 71423
Phone: (318) 448-1594
E-mail: glen@forestland.com
Kevin Daugherty is recognized for speech on the benefits of forest diversity before the Louisiana Association of Conservation Districts
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