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Glen Stephens
Kevin Daugherty

We can trace our roots back to 1978 when Glen Stephens returned to his hometown to become a self-employed consulting forester.  

Initially his services included forest management, appraisals, timber sales and damage valuations.  Several years later he added land sales and real estate consulting to his original business and subsequently incorporated under the name Glen Stephens & Associates, Inc.  In 2010, Kevin Daugherty, a forester who had been with the firm for several years, took on an ownership role and the name was changed to ForestLand Associates, LLC.  Kevin is heading up the forest management and timber appraisal division and Glen is in charge of land sales and valuations.

There have been many changes in the land and timber industry over the years, but the firm's commitment to providing the best services possible has not.  As examples of the types of transactions and services handled by the firm, you may check out these case studies from the firm's files.  Names and identifying information are withheld to maintain client confidentiality.

"The forestry division of ForestLand Associates, LLC has an office in Urania, Louisiana and the real estate brokerage (licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission, USA) is located in Dry Prong, Louisiana."

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